Civil Engineering Institute "IG", during its almost two decades of existence, has evolved into an organization that provides logistic specialist support to construction economics, energetics, ecology and spatial planning.

Our long-lasting experience, personnel potentials (multidisciplinary work team), cutting-edge equipment and technical means qualify us to offer clients, both in the country and abroad, highly professional services in the domain of our activities.

”IG” is a company that is made of knowledge concentration; given the number of experts and our references the company can rightfully be stated to be in the lead of domestic design, consultancy and scientific institutes, which practise research and development in construction.

Civil Engineering Institute "IG" - organization

The Institute is organised as an independent economic and business unit, whose organisational structure is made up of Business centres, offices and laboratories. Business centres of the Institute are: Banja Luka (seat), Trebinje, Sarajevo, Herceg Novi and Belgrade, two offices in Doboj and Nevesinje and laboratory in Banja Luka.

It has three mobile ecologic laboratories, which are integrated in the system with a possibility of achieving fast, accurate, quality and quantity, stationary and/or mobile measurements and analyses.

Civil Engineering Institute "IG" disposes of high technology, quality computer equipment, and uses modern software and operative systems that provide support to the activities in all fields of work and its own vehicle fleet provides for higher mobility and successfulness in work.

The vision of Civil Engineering Institute "IG" LLC Banja Luka is a flexible world company that will deal with dynamic changes in the provision of services in construction (engineering in construction, civil engineering, building construction, hydraulic engineering); designing (development of scientific-research projects and provision of services in the field of construction, energetics, ecology, education, protection at work and fire protection). Notably, by entering into the mentioned areas, Civil Engineering Institute "IG" LLC Banja Luka wants access to new information technologies, materials and scientific achievements in the field of construction, design and other activities.

In order to realise the vision, Civil Engineering Institute "IG" LLC Banja Luka has established the following policy:

  • Increasing the efficacy and efficiency of the company by developing and promoting the integrated Quality Management System in accordance with the series of standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  • Clients' satisfaction with the level of quality, reliability, price competitiveness and delivery deadline of our products and services, as well as the satisfaction of other interested parties.
  • Openness to cooperate with all interested parties (clients, deliverers, employees, society) in order to promote the management systems.
  • Training the personnel with the aim of accepting, maintaining and improving the management systems.
  • Improving the opinion of people who use our products and services through honesty, decency and endeavour to permanent improvement of the quality of our products and services.
  • Ensuring standard quality of our products and services through the supervision of significant properties of our products, services and processes.
  • Reducing negative environmental impacts and preservation of human health and safety.
  • Complying with requirements and permanent promotion of the efficacy of management systems and commitment to permanent promotion and prevention of environment pollution, health and safety.
  • Commitment to the compliance with relevant legal and other regulations on environmental protection and protection of health and safety at work, which are related to environmental aspects, or hazards to health and safety at work.