IG - environmental protection sector

One of the activities of the Civil Engineering Institute IG LLC Banja Luka is performed through the activities of the Environmental protection sector.

Activities of the Environmental protection sector are performed in line with positive legislations, by-laws, technical regulations, norms and standards, and other documents applicable in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the subject field, bearing in mind compatible European standards, regulations and other European regulations.

Activities that we every day perform in this sector can be systematised in the following way: elaboration of study documentation, elaboration of the technical documentation, elaboration of expert opinions, environmental monitoring, monitoring of environmental emissions, chemical safety assessment, training of advisers for chemicals.

One of basic activities of this sector is the development of diverse studies, reports, plans, reports such as: elaboration of environmental impact assessment, elaboration of reports with the aim of acquiring the environmental permits, elaboration of waste management plans, elaboration of plans for landscaping and maintenance of green areas, internal roads and manipulation plateaus, elaboration of safety reports.

Elaboration of the technical documentation implies the designing of treatment systems in line with the provisions of technical standards BAS, JUS,.., and criteria for discharge effluents defined by valid rulebooks and decrees of FBiH, RS, BiH, notably waste water treatment systems, waste residue treatment systems and waste gases treatment systems.

Elaboration of expert opinions implies the development of proposals for remediation, disposal, treatment and removal of pollution etc.

Environmental monitoring implies the measurement of immission concentrations of polluters in air (measurement of air pollution degree), measurement of total noise level, analysis of water pollution (sampling and physical and chemical analysis of waste water), soil analysis, (sampling and physical and chemical analysis of soil), measurement of polluter emission concentration, measurement of polluter concentration in waste gases, etc.

Chemical safety assessment with a proposal of measures for risk reduction and control comprises a set of requirements that describe how a chemical is produced, i.e. used during the life cycle of a chemical. Safety assessment comprises an assessment of hazard to humans, assessment of the physical and chemical properties of a chemical, which represent hazards to human health, assessment of environmental hazards, assessment of PBT properties (persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic) and vPvB (very persistent, very bio-accumulative), and a proposal of measures for risk reduction and control, including the measures for prevention or reduction of emissions into air, water, soil, working and living environment.

In line with the Rulebook of conditions and method of acquiring and testing knowledge of hazardous chemicals (Republika Srpska Official Gazette, no. 71/13) this sector organises and conducts trainings for Advisers for chemicals.

Environmental protection sector presently employs 7 expert associates and researchers.

Siniša Cukut, MSc technology
Head of the Environmental protection sector
Telephone: +387 (0)51 348 370
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.