IG - hydraulic engineering sector

One of the activities of the Civil Engineering Institute IG LLC Banja Luka is performed through the activities of the Hydraulic engineering sector.

The activity of the Hydraulic engineering sector is performed in line with positive legislation, by-laws, technical regulations, norms and standards, and other documents that are in force in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The sector also applies the Law on Waters and other expert literature.

Activities that we perform every day in this sector can be systematised as follows: elaboration of technical documentation, control of technical documentation (audit and nostrification), supervision on site, design supervision, technical takeovers etc.

Major and most significant activities performed by this sector refer to the field of designing, it is to say the field of the elaboration of technical documentation. The sector employs professionals who are capacitated to work in all fields hydro-technical infrastructure, among other things: water supply network, faecal and storm water collectors, hydro power plants, regulation of rivers and brooks, installations of water supply systems and sewerage in high-rise buildings and landscaping, as well as spatial planning documentation.

Hydraulic engineering sector currently employs 6 civil engineers specialised in hydraulic engineering.

Mirjana M. Lepir, grad. civ. eng.
Head of the Hydraulic engineering sector
Telephone: +387 (0)51 348 388
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.