IG - Sector for electrical engineering

Activities of the Sector for electrical engineering can be divided into several fields:

1. Elaboration the spatial planning documentation at all levels,

2. Elaboration of the technical documentation of all levels for facilities and structures in:

a. building construction,

b. civil engineering,

c. hydraulic engineering,

d. industrial plants,

e. electric power plants for production, transformation, transfer and distribution of electricity,

f. telecommunication structures.

3. Elaboration of study documentation for acquiring permits for the construction of electrical power plants,

4. Audit and nostrification of design documentation at all levels,

5. Supervision of all works in the construction of facilities and structures,

6. Laboratory testing and expert protection activities:

a. testing electric power structures, lightning conductors and earthing installations on facilities,

b. testing the equipment,

c. testing the conditions of a working and living environment,

d. protection of non-ionising sources of electromagnetic radiation in a frequency scope 0Hz – 9.4GHz,

7. Consultancy services in the process of acquiring permits for the construction of facilities.

Employment structure of the Sector: 6 graduate electrical engineers.

Boško Mijatović, grad. el. eng.
Head of the Sector for electrical engineering
Telephone: +387 (0)51 348 365
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.